Prince George's County, Splash Pads

Glenn Dale Splash Park

Glenn Dale Splash Park
11901 Glenn Dale Blvd
Glenn Dale, MD
PG/Moco Resident:
$4/child, $5/adult, 2&under free!
$6/child, $7/adults, 2&under free!

This week we visited Glenn Dale Splash Park! The last time I came here I was about 10 years old and I remember it being crazy busy with summer camps, chaotic and not very clean – so I never even really considered going back with my kids! But after several of you recommended it I decided to give it a try, and I am SO glad we did! This ended up being one of my favorite outings with my kids all summer! 

This splash park offers the following:

πŸ’¦ A toddler water park area with a lifeguard including 2 age appropriate water slides into super shallow water (one was closed for repairs), wading area (starts super shallow then very gradually gets to max 2 ft deep), waterfalls and splash fountains (we spent all of our time here!) **Most of this area is wheelchair accessible as well! 
πŸ’¦ A full size pool with a shallow beach area of toddlers and a mushroom waterfall, a huge blue water slide (must be 48 inches or taller to ride!), lily pad and log crossings (same height requirement)
πŸ’¦ A separate small traditional splash pad
πŸ’¦Shaded umbrellas and awnings to set up a spot (these spaces fill up fast!)
πŸ’¦ Bathrooms with showers, changing rooms and lockers
πŸ’¦ 15 min rest break every hour (on the 45)

This summer the splash park is open for 2 sessions – 11a-2p and 3-6pm (I found these hours when making a reservation online ahead of time. The hours listed on their general website appear different and I believe those are incorrect.) Reservations are now only required for the weekends but it does save time to book ahead of time. I booked our tickets online and when I got there just gave them my name and walked in – my friend paid on the spot and had to fill a few things out first. To order online you must make an account on Parks Direct – this is used for many PG Parks and Rec facilities so its worth the extra step. One thing to note – to get the resident rate online you need to first verify your address in person – directions can be found here. I haven’t done this yet, so we just paid the non-resident rate for convenience this time.

To make a pool reservation click here: PG County Pool Reservations

We signed up for the morning session and lucked out that it was not busy at all. We had the toddler area to ourselves a lot of the time and at most shared it with 5-6 other kids! Full disclosure I do not think it is so this empty all the time so be prepared for more people – I think we just got really lucky this time!

The toddler area is AMAZING for little ones – it starts as a large splash pad area with fountains and then gradually slopes in to a wading area. There is a huge area where the water is no more than 1-2 inches deep so my youngest could sit, walk, or crawl around and have a total blast without it being too much for her (of course I stayed right with her the whole time though!) There is a second splash pad area at the top of the water slides and lifeguards on both levels. The water slide has a gentle slope so the kids didn’t go too fast or have a huge splash at the end. My girls are really timid and hate getting their faces wet (go figure since I coached swim team for years) and they were able to do the slide and LOVED it – they had such a blast and probably went down 50+ times!

We went with a friend who’s kids are 5 and 7 and they ALSO loved it and played in this area the whole time as well – there really is a lot to keep them entertained! I was able to hang in the shallow splash pad area with the baby while keeping an eye on the twins going up and down the slide. 

We didn’t play in the big pool at all but it did appear to be more busy over on that side. There is a large shallow beach area with a mushroom fountain, a huge water slide, lap lanes, and lily pad and log crossings.

There is even a separate splash pad area that the kids loved playing in as well!

A few rules to keep in mind (full list of rules can be found here!)

  • Only coast guard approved floatation devices are allowed (life jackets, puddle jumpers, etc) NO tubes, rings, etc.
  • NO glass (they will check your cooler!)
  • Outside food is allowed, but not eating on the pool deck
  • Must be 48 inches tall to do the water slide and lilypads in the big pool, swim test required for deeper water

🚽 Bathrooms 🚽: yes – with showers, changing rooms and lockers
πŸ‘©β€πŸ‘§β€πŸ‘¦Solo w/ kids?πŸ‘©β€πŸ‘§β€πŸ‘¦: surprisingly, yes! Know your kids – as long as they will stay in the toddler area or are older/very strong swimmers, I think this is doable on your own!
πŸ›’ Stroller friendly?πŸ›’: yes
😷: not busy on a weekday but this place is known to be PACKED on weekends
πŸ…ΏοΈ: big parking lot
⏰: 3+ hours
🧺 Picnic Tables: yes, under canopy for shade
🐢 Dog friendly: No
πŸ– Shade: a few shade spaces that fill up fast
♿️: yes! Many water features are accessible and they had water wheel chairs available

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