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Walkersville Southern Railroad

Walkersville Southern Railroad
Princess Expres Excursion
34 W Pennsylvania Ave
Walkersville, MD

Last weekend we took the twins to the Princess Express train ride at the Walkersville Southern Railroad! As soon as I saw this event, I knew we had to go – trains and princesses are two of the girls most favorite things! This excursion included a pre-ride platform performance by 3 princesses from Sew Classy Princess Parties, photos with the princesses, and a 1 hour train ride while the princesses visited each child throughout the ride. It was magical!

We got tickets for the 11:00 ride and arrived at the station at 10 am. Upon arrival you need to pick up your tickets in the station (just have your confirmation email ready on your phone). I highly recommend getting their early – we were able to walk right in to get our tickets but a short while later there was a long line to get inside. The girls were given a “princess express passport” and received stamps from each of the princesses. The passport also has a small scavenger hunt inside with pictures of things for kids to look for during the train ride! 

15 minutes before departure the princesses put on a show – singing ‘For the First Time in Forever”, “Let it Go”, “Tale as Old as Time” and their own version of “Some Things Never Change”. It was SO cute and the twins were beaming the whole time – this was their favorite part!  

After the performance everyone boarded the train. The train ride is about an hour and 15 minutes out and back. We opted to sit on a car with all the windows open, but there was a closed train as well. The train moves really slow so we had a nice breeze the whole time. The princesses came around to each group and gave out bracelets, stickers and stamped their passports.

The princesses were AMAZING – so good with the kids, played their characters well, beautiful costumes. 

After the train ride, we went across the street and visited the Walkersville Railroad museum. There is a small kids play area with a train table and tons of little trains for kids to play with. We had a hard time getting the girls to leave here to go home! The museum was also open before the ride in case you get there early!

While the next princess express event is sold old, they offer plenty of other ride options and seasonal events. Check out their website to see the schedule and book tickets! 

A few additional notes:

🚂 We made a last minute decision to leave my youngest home with my mom and I’m really glad we did. Now that she’s newly walking she NEVER stops moving and I think she would have had a really hard time sitting on the train that long (the twins even had a hard time with this). If you don’t have that option I think it is still doable, but plan accordingly and bring lots of snacks and distractions! 
🚂 No air conditioning on the open-air train cars (not sure about the closed ones!) 
🚂 Food is allowed on the train! Just please clean up after your group! We packed a lunch. 
🚂 Just down the road is Walkersville Community Park – this has an AWESOME playground that we really wanted to check out but we needed to get home to get my youngest. Definitely recommend checking it out if you had time. There are covered pavilions so its a great place to have a picnic afterwards! 📍22 Kenneth Drive Walkersville, MD 

🚽 Bathrooms 🚽: porta-potties just across the street from the station (near museum)
👩‍👧‍👦Solo w/ kids?👩‍👧‍👦: yes, if you have toddlers or older! I wouldn’t have been able to have all 3 by myself though.
🛒 Stroller friendly?🛒: no, but not needed here
♿️: yes! Ramps to board the train and wheelchair friendly seating available
😷: train was full but we had no problem getting a seat together. Masks were not required.
🅿️: big gravel parking lot
⏰: 3+ hours 
🧺 Picnic Tables: no
🐶 Dog friendly: No

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