Beaches, Dining, Eastern Shore

Ferry Point Park

Ferry Point Park 
425 Piney Narrows Road 
Chester, MD 21619

Dessert First Coffee
433 Kent Narrows Way N 
Grasonville, MD 21638

Our first stop on our road trip to Tuckahoe State Park was Ferry Point Park, just over the bay bridge. We arrived at around 8:30 on a weekday. Unfortunately it was SUPER foggy so it was really hard to get good pictures. 😩 the girls didn’t mind though and loved splashing in the water. We parked by the Chesapeake Bay Heritage and Visitor Center (was closed when we visited but is typically open 9-4 daily). Tons of boats to look at in the marina and lots of people fishing. The views would have been really pretty, if we could have seen them 🤣🤦🏻‍♀️ the walk to the beach is about 5 minutes over a boardwalk and paved trail. Once you get to the beach the trail turns to gravel and you can walk about 1.5 miles along the water. We didn’t walk the full trail, just went straight out to the beach. The beach was narrow but longer than I expected and the water was super clear! Tons of huge seashells, so that entertained the girls for a long time. There are a few picnic tables along the water, so it is a great spot to bring a picnic!

On the way there, we stopped at Dessert First for coffee, breakfast and treats to bring to the beach (433 Kent Narrows Way N Grasonville, MD 21638). They serve Rise Up coffee and have an amazing selection of pastries and baked goods (including gluten free options) We got an iced coffee, a cookie for the girls, a peanut butter chocolate baby cake 🎂 and a breakfast sandwich. They also recently partnered with Annapolis Ice Cream Company so they serve ice cream as well! We got ours to-go (had to go in – no curbside here) but they do have a small outdoor waterfront seating area on the docks out back.

We definitely plan to return here (on a sunny day! 😂) and spend the day on the beach! 

*Note – as of May 2020, swimming is no longer allowed at Ferry Point Beach. I will update this post if this rule changes.

🚽 Bathrooms: only porta potties – visitor center was closed during our visit
👩‍👧‍👦Solo w/ kids?: it’s do-able but I don’t like doing the beach alone with kids 😂
🛒 Stroller friendly?: yes (first portion of trail between parking and beach)
🦠Covid-safe: very empty at 9 am on a foggy Saturday. I’m sure it gets busy on nice days
🅿️Parking: free parking lot at visitor center
🧺 Picnic tables: Yes

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