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Clark’s Elioak Farm

Clarks Elioak Farm
10500 Clarksville Pike
Ellicott City, MD 21042
Admission: $8 per person (season passes and gift certificates available)
Open Tuesday-Sunday April through November

In November of 2020 we visited Clark’s Elioak Farm for the first time and we absolutely LOVED it! It was such a breath of fresh air for us to find something so fun to do when everything was still so limited due to COVID. 

Clark’s is located in Ellicott City (about a 40 minute drive for us) and features play structures/houses etc from the old Enchanted Forest story book park. There is a slide for ‘The old woman who lived in a shoe”, a Humpty Dumpty statue, etc etc. This makes Clark’s unique and my girls loved running around and looking at everything spread out throughout the farm. There is a big train ride, a smaller cow train ride, several slides (including a giant rainbow slide!), hay rides, pony rides, a petting zoo, a cute little fairy forest and more! You can buy a bag of goat feed at the entrance to feed the goats. They also have pigs, donkeys, chickens, sheep, ducks, emus, cows, bunnies and turkeys.

The cost to get in is $8 per person (under 12 months is free). The price for rides is really reasonable too –  for example, only $2.50 for the cow train and pony ride! I was also super impressed with how they handled COVID when we went – wiping down the train after each ride, timed admission tickets to limit capacity, etc. 

I LOVE that Clark’s also offered gift certificates through their website – so this is a great option for an experience gift for birthdays/Christmas. They also offer season passes if you want to go more often. 

For even more fun, Clark’s is located just down the road from Manor Hill Brewery!

👩‍👧‍👦Solo w/ kids?👩‍👧‍👦: yes, if you can go when it’s not busy.
🛒 Stroller friendly?🛒: yes
🦠Covid-safe🦠: tons of room to spread out, excellent COVID protocols
🅿️Parking🅿️: tons of parking, $8 admission fee
⏰Timing⏰: 3+ hours!

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