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Sophie and Madigans Playground

Sophie and Madigan’s Playground 
632 Contender Way 
Frederick, MD 

The new princess themed playground in Frederick, MD is a MUST see. This is a memorial playground in honor of Sophie and Madigan Lillard ❤️ Their family has done amazing work to keep their memory alive! The playground has plans to expand to 3 phases (this is phase 1). Phase 2 will have an Alice in Wonderland theme! 😍 Visit their website (linked above) so you can read their story and donate if you are able.

The girls have been asking to go to a “princess park” for months (without knowing this one existed!) so we were sooo excited to be able to bring them here when my husband had the day off.

The playground is beautiful and honestly just perfect and magical in every way 😍 It features a huge play structure made to look like a princess castle complete with Rapunzel’s hair, a mermaid tail, a dragon, 3 slides and swings hidden underneath! There was a cool spinner in the castle that acted as a scavenger hunt – spin the wheel and search for the hidden picture on the playground.

The girls favorite part by far was the Cinderella pumpkin carriage. They kept climbing in and pretending like they were going to the ball 🤣

The playground sits on colorful rubber surface (including a giant rainbow) and the turf hill and small slide were great for my crawler!

We arrived at 8:30 on a Thursday and shared the playground with 2 other kids until about 9:45 – then it started to get busy! We left shortly after and headed to Downtown Frederick to walk around – only a 10 minute drive! We parked in Carroll Creek Garage and walked along the river walk. There are tons of restaurants to choose from if you want to grab a bite to eat!

🚽: Not yet, they are currently building them!
👩‍👧‍👦Solo w/ kids?👩‍👧‍👦: For the playground, yes! If you plan to go downtown I would bring help with you😊
🛒 Stroller friendly?🛒: yes
🦠Covid-safe🦠: got busy around 9:45 am on a weekday
🅿️Parking🅿️: huge lot at the playground – parked in carol’s creek garage downtown
🧺 Picnic tables: no
⏰Timing⏰: 1-2 hours

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