Matapeake Beach

Matapeake Beach
1112 Romancoke Rd.
Stevensville, MD

Matapeake Beach is located just over the bay bridge in Queen Anne’s County. It is one of the few remaining local beaches that is open for swimming. This season both Terrapin Beach Park and Ferry Point Park have banned swimming to “allow the environment to recover” 😢 

Just 30 minutes from our house, Matapeake was the perfect place for a beach day! We arrived about 9 am and shared the beach with one other family for about an hour. After 10, more families started arriving and by the time we left at noon there were about 10 other groups there and it still didn’t feel crowded at all. 

The parking lot is just a short walk to the beach past the Matapeake Clubhouse. Next time I will bring a wagon for our stuff but we managed fine without it this trip. The girls enjoyed playing in the sand and swimming and we loved the amazing views of the bay bridge.  One of my favorite parts about this beach is the large grassy field in front of the club house. We were able to rinse the sand (they had a sprayer!) and then have a picnic in the grass before we headed back to the car. It was great to have a spot to picnic away from the beach so the girls didn’t get all sandy again before we left! 

Aside from the public swimming beach there is also a dog beach, fishing pier and 1 mile trail through the woods (we did not explore these though!) Pre-covid there was a cafe in the Matapeake Clubhouse but it has yet to reopen. 

If you decide to visit keep in mind that this beach will fill up VERY early on the weekends. Plan accordingly and arrive early. It was already a popular spot but now that it is one of the only local beaches that allows swimming, it will become even more popular. Also, please, PLEASE pick up after yourselves! When I posted about Terrapin Beach Park I received SEVERAL messages from followers saying that people have been absolutely trashing the beaches in this area. Bring a trash bag and take everything with you so we can continue to enjoy this beach! 

🅿️: parking lot – arrive early on weekends as it fills up quickly
🚽 : yes, right near beach
👩‍👧‍👦Solo w/ kids?: prefer to have a friend with me on beach days with my crew
🛒 Stroller friendly?: yes (with an all-terrain)
🐶 Dog friendly: yes
☀️ Shade: some shade provided by trees near the beach

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