Playgrounds, Prince George's County

Woodland Wonderland Playground

Woodland Wonderland Playground 
Walker Mill Regional Park
8001 Walker Mill Road 
District Heights, MD 20747

Our third PG County Imagination Playground is Walker Mill Regional Park. This is easily one of the best playgrounds in the county! You enter the playground through an archway that plays music and talks as you walk through. The park is on top of a hill and the whole walk up is decorated to match the theme – including talking gnomes that tell jokes! There are several huge slides and climbing structures (the big red one was broken when we visited in the fall but has since been fixed), musical bridges, and even a spray ground/splash pad in the summer (we can’t wait to come back when these are turned on!) there are several shaded picnic structures with picnic tables right in the playground area. I love the detail they put into designing this playground! 

We didn’t explore the rest of the park much during our first visit, but there are also paved walking trails and a skate park! Can’t wait to come back to this one! 

🚽 Bathrooms 🚽: Bathrooms with changing tables right next to the playground
👩‍👧‍👦Solo w/ kids?👩‍👧‍👦: yes, but could get tricky with multiple kids 
🛒 Stroller friendly?🛒: yes
😷Covid-safe😷: Plenty of space and everyone was masked 
🅿️Parking🅿️: regional park with huge parking lot 
⏰ Timing ⏰: can easily spend 2 hours here! 

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